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The Carnival of Venice (Carnevale di Venezia) is one of the oldest festivals held in Venice, Italy. ...
Fine food will be ready at morning.
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What's new at the Oktoberfest 2017

The festival grounds will have a size of 34.5 hectares. 545 businesses have been admitted this year, 143 form the gastronomical sector, 151 carnies and 251 vendors. About 13.000 people will be employed at the Oktoberfest.
Six new fun rides will debut at the Oktoberfest 2017: The “Drifting Coaster” is a wild ride with swinging gondolas, the “Voodoo Jumper” shoots you up and down again and again, creating a feeling of weightlessness. The “XXL Racer” lifts you up to heights of 55 meters and the “Jules Vernes Tower” takes you on a 65km/h chairoplane flight in a height of 70 meters.